Basic Information About an Asphalt Plant

Asphalt plants are used to manufacture asphalt, macadam and other types of coated road-stone. This type of material is sometimes called asphalt concrete or blacktop.

an Asphalt Plant

Many components must be combined in the manufacture of coated road-stone which not only involves the correct materials but also the correct combinations and quantities of materials for the most effective and safe road stone.

Road stone suppliers tender for work with their contracts generally awarded on asphalt plant price so it makes perfect economic sense for a firm to search for the most cost effective and economical way of not only producing the materials but also transporting them to the required destination easily and affordably.

An asphalt plant is a combination of several components including a supply system for the cold aggregate, coal burner, drum dryer, coal feeder, hot aggregate elevator, dust collector, vibrating screen, weighing / mixing system, filter supply screen, asphalt storage and bitumen supply screen.

The transportation of this material can be a bit of a headache if there are long distances involved. This is one of the reasons why mobile drum mix continuous asphalt plants are becoming increasingly popular.

Benefits of Using Mobile Drum Mix Continuous Asphalt Plants

This is a highly efficient and popular method of delivering asphalt as opposed to batch mixing plants. This highly portable method is cost effective and available for a wide range of capacities.

Some of the benefits of ordering asphalt mobile drum mix plants include:

* They are delivered on towable units which are fully mobile on the roads

* Only a minimum amount of foundations are required

* They help to ensure a fast erection on-site

* The loads are fully tested and pre-wired at the factory before they are delivered

* They produce only limited dust emissions

Components of Asphalt Plant


Sand – this is a key ingredient in the production of road-stone. Sand often has relatively high water content which must be boiled off, this equates to a significant part of the cost of heating up the aggregate and therefore a significant cost of the entire operation.

Binder – there are different grades of binder used often referred to as “pen” or “penetration” grades. Their values vary between 30 – 300. The binder used has a direct effect on the workability of the asphalt while it is hot and the stiffness which can be expected once it has cooled.

Filler – as you may have guessed the filler is what is used to fill voids between the grains of aggregate and can serve to improve how the overall mix wears. This is stored and then fed dry to the mixture either during or sometimes after the binder has been added.

It is important for finished road-stone to be kept heated or it will set before it has been placed in the appropriate location. This is one of the main benefits of utilizing an asphalt mobile drum mix plant – the mixture can be created and delivered to the required location quickly and easily and in the perfect condition for quick and immediate use as needed,if you want to know more about our Beston asphalt machinery, you can click