Various Differences Between Single Girder Overhead Crane And Double Girder Overhead Crane

There are several forms of overhead cranes including under running crane, top running crane, single girder overhead crane and double girder EOT crane equipments. There are other variations of overhead cranes. So far as the selection for the type of overhead crane is involved, this will depend about the application and various other factors.

Distinction between Single Girder Overhead Crane and Double Girder Overhead Crane

There are a variety of differences from a single girder overhead crane plus a double girder overhead crane. The most significant differences is at their look. As the name suggests, a single girder crane has only an individual beam which beam acts since the main beam. However, in the double girder crane, a double beam acts since the main beam.

QZ type grab bucket overhead crane
QZ type grab bucket overhead crane

In the single girder configuration, just one girder supports a trolley and hoist as these run down the axis in the beam. With regards to advanced 25 ton overhead crane, the two main beams that keep the trolley and also the hoist.

Another massive difference between these 2 kinds of overhead cranes is definitely the lifting mechanism. In the event of a single girder overhead crane, you can find a couple of hoists running on one beam for carrying and lifting the load. However, a double girder crane comes along with 2 kinds of trolley called QB and LH. Both most of these trolleys could be run using high-quality double girder overhead crane.

Another massive difference is the use of these 2 types of overhead cranes. The only girder cranes are usually used in applications when a light load should be lifted. Generally, the limit for the single girder overhead crane is 20 ton of load as well as the operation time is usually restricted to 6 hours. Alternatively, a double girder crane is commonly used in applications where there is heavy-duty load which happens to be typically above 20 ton and crane must be utilized for a longer length of time (above eight hours). The double girder cranes are stronger and a lot more stable in comparison with single girder cranes.

HD type european standard overhead crane
HD type european standard overhead crane

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The most significant differences between these 2 types of cranes is definitely the price. Naturally, a double girder crane is more expensive as compared with a single girder crane since it has more material and multiple lifting mechanisms.

The greatest benefit of an trusted overhead shop crane system is it is economical and much lighter meaning it might be installed at the faster pace as compared to a double girder crane. Alternatively, the greatest good thing about a double girder crane system is that it allows a much greater height to the lift as a result of positioning of hoist between your girders. Positioning of hoist involving the girders allows more vertical operating space to the operator from the crane.

Overall, these are the major differences between those two main forms of overhead cranes. There are a number of manufacturers supplying single girder and double girder overhead cranes. You should check the reviews and trustworthiness of a manufacturer before ordering to be sure that you happen to be buying from the reputable company renowned for delivering good quality products.