A Guideline to What Needs to Be In a Batching Plant Troubleshooting Checklist

One of the most important aspects of customer service, particularly when you are dealing with equipment, is the troubleshooting and operation manual. At some point the equipment will need maintenance, and professionals will not always be on hand. It is at this point that one will need to refer to a troubleshooting manual in order to determine exactly what the problem is and exactly how to fix it; and concrete batching is no different. Below are some of the most important maintenance considerations that must be featured in any concrete batching troubleshooting and operations guide.

1. Bindicators

concrete plant bindicatorsIf you have a problem with the bindicator it is more than likely a troubleshooting issue. A sign of a bad bindicator will be a faulty light, or the indicating light not turning on. This may be due to a burned out light and/or a motor burnout in the bindicator. Repairs will need to be completed and the bulb must be replaced (if the bulb is the problem). Remember, ALWAYS turn off the power before servicing equipment.

2. Cement aeration

Cement aeration will be an operating difficulty where there is pressure on the gauge, however the material is not flowing efficiently. Troubleshooting guidelines will indicate that this is due to aeration screens being clogged or shifted out of their fittings. The best way to repair this is to check the draining and remove/replace the screens.

3. Filter Vent Bags

Batching Plant TroubleshootingFaulty filter vent bags will influence operations negatively and present with excessive dust from the filter vent. This can be caused by a hole/crack in the vent or worn out bags. Troubleshooting guidelines will recommend replacing the filter vent bags and/or finding and repairing the hole.

As can be seen there are various considerations to make when drawing up a troubleshooting checklist. It is imperative you cover these factors to ensure effective operation of your batching plant. But in fact we all don’t want to have such problems or the less the better. So choose the best batch plant manufacturer is very important. One I always recommended is Changli Machinery. You can find their products here http://concretemachinerypro.com/concrete-plant/concrete-batch-plant/.