What Is Refractory Castable

Refractory castable for sale is a common and popular refractory material that are extensively used by industrial manufacturers during these days. The material can well improve your manufacturing quality and greatly save your cost. The Refractoriness of refractory castable for sale is 1580℃, which is relatively high compare to other kind of ordinary materials. The product is usually used in the linings of high temperature facilities like industrial kilns, stoves, furnaces, reactors. Typical usage of refractory castable are the lining of cement rotary kiln, blast furnace.Low Cement Castable

Usually, the raw material of refractory castable contains alumina oxide. The refractory is mixed with various ingredients that its refractoriness can reach over 1580℃. The refractory castable which major content is alumina oxide, is also called aluminate cement. Aluminate oxide takes up 50% of the content of aluminate cement, which appears to be white or light brown depends on the raw material. http://refractorycastablecement.com/refractory-castable-manufacturer/

Refractory castable can be used to make various kinds of refractory concrete, refractory mortar, etc. the use of these material covers a great amount of industries including metallurgy industry, cement industry, ceramic industry, petroleum industry, etc.

Refractory castable has many advantages, which, are high refractoriness underload, high hardness, natural hardened, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, low thermal conductivity, low porosity, and has a long service life.

Refractory castable is usually sold in powder that means, it should be mixed with water before using. This nature of the product provided a convenience when transporting, since it is lighter and can be put into any container with a certain shape. Besides, refractory castable can be hardened naturally. Unlike many ordinary cement which needs water to get hard, after mixing, the refractory castable can be hardened without any operation. This is would save a lot spending on water. Another reason why refractory castable is so excellent is that it can be shaped into any shape you want, which makes it lower a great amount of cost than using refractory bricks.

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