An Overview Of Self Loading Mobile Concrete Mixers

Almost everyone has seen one of those concrete mobile mixer for sale rolling down the road, turning the concrete in the back. These are very large vehicles, ones that are used for commercial sized projects, but also smaller projects such as a driveway or sidewalk. They work on a very simple premise which is the concrete is loaded into the back, and as the vehicle is driving, the container will spend keeping the concrete in a viscous state. Once it is ready to pour, the small boom will come off the back, pointing to the area where the concrete will be poured. These are called self loading mobile concrete mixers, and you may need to rent one for a particular project that you have in mind. Let’s go over how they work, and then where you can find one that can bring concrete out to your location.

self loading mobile concrete mixer

Self Loading Mobile Concrete Mixers

Depending upon your location, and how much concrete you need, these mobile concrete mixers might be perfect for your project. Even if you are in a rural area, many of them have 4 x 4 capabilities that will allow them to travel off-road to deliver your concrete. They are also known as concrete batching vehicles and are able to deliver between one and four cbm. It just depends on the size of the project, how much concrete you need, and where you are located when you place your order. Now let’s look at how you can find one of these businesses that has mobile mixers for sale that can come out to your location to help you out.

Where To Find One In Your Area

You can actually find one of these companies in your area, typically associated with one of the local construction companies in your town or city. They will have a fleet of these vehicles, especially with larger companies, and therefore you will have plenty to choose from. If it is a busy time of the year such as during the summer, you may have to wait for several weeks to have one available. It is during this time that most people do the projects they have been putting off such as putting in a walkway, swimming pool, or a patio in the backyard. Finally, you need to get multiple estimates from the many companies in your city or town that can provide this service, allowing you to get the best self loading concrete mixer price.

Compare The Different Estimates

Whether you find your local companies online, or by using the phone book, the quote that they give you over the phone, or the estimate that they provide, should be evaluated very carefully. Some of portable concrete mixer price is quite different, sometimes several hundred or even thousands of dollars. It is only by contacting multiple businesses to get these estimates that you will quickly find the right company for the job.

These units are loaded, usually with a boom, depositing the concrete in the back. The container will begin to spin, and the truck will be sent off to your location, ready to pour your concrete. Just make sure that you have done your research on the different companies, as well as different sizes of these vehicles. These mobile concrete mixers are a great way to take any project that could have been days long, and get it done in just a few hours.